Charles – My Pride Story

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Charles – My Pride Story

It’s almost Pride month, folks!

Here I am in all my glory. Messy hair (well, what’s left of it), glasses, and a three day beard. Just finished recording a video looking like this. They did say to show off my personality and this is as “me” as it gets these days.

Pride to me is being my true, authentic, and unapologetic self. Lately I find that I get great enjoyment out of helping others. Little things like smiling at someone I don’t even know when I pass them on the street, holding the door or elevator open for someone, or letting a person go in front of me in line even if we got there at the exact same time. Things like that.

Most of all, I try to be an example to others, through the selfies Joseph and I take when we’re out for a walk, to the dinners we cook, and even showing Pride in how I set the table each night even though it’s only the two of us having dinner.

This coming Pride month expect more of the same from me on my personal social media. Here on the PSP pages, we’ll be re-releasing a few of our video stories each Thursday in June.

We’d also love to share some of your Pride stories. Send me yours, along with a picture, to and let’s talk!

Charles Chan Massey is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Personal Stories Project. He refers to himself as an “Accidental Activist” because just as he didn’t choose to be gay, he didn’t choose to become an activist. Activism chose him.