Gabriel – My Story

Tre’shaun – My Story
April 25, 2017
Cheryl – My Story
October 16, 2017

My name is Gabriel. This is my story.

Two years ago today, I came out to my family, my second family: Adrian’s family, and closest friends. On my chest and over my heart is a little piece of art, a reminder of that happy time. I have had the fortunate circumstance of being raised in a house of compassion and understanding. In turn, I chose unapologetic honesty to tackle the world in spite of the possibility of having to face negativity/ridicule. In retrospect, at 23, you can say I was late to the party in having taken so long to gain the confidence and comfortability with myself and my lifestyle, but what I can say is that while the journey hasn’t been perfect, it remains to be said that things can only get better. My story is but one of the millions to come out. What took me so long to come out was a battle with myself. I was not only uncomfortable, dishonest with myself, but I also succumbed to fear. Fear of the repercussions, the burnt bridges, changes in demeanor, judgment and misjudgment, abandonment, etc. It is this fear that resonates in the hearts of many stories untold. While I have lived under, again, fortunate circumstances, there are those less fortunate in the community who have yet to pick out their outfits in their closet, or are unable to choose an outfit from inside their closet. I can say, however, is to be PROUD! Rip the bandaid when you feel it’s safest and most appropriate for you. Never find yourself forced/pressured to anything you’re not comfortable with and keep it as organic as possible. Live and love knowing that one day you’d have no regrets looking back at the path you’ve carved for yourself. Look at the possibility of happiness and timeless memories. Consider the resources provided by the community and know that you are safe?. As such, to my loved ones, thank you for these last two years!❤To the LGBTQIA+ community, you are loved! To everyone else, be kind to one another. This community may be different to respective social norms, but at the end of the day, I, for example am still your family, a friend, and human. It has been the very notion of love that affirms my beliefs, my lifestyle, and confirms my placement in this world.


Originally shared June 25, 2017 on Facebook. Shared with permission of the author.