Kerrie & Karen – Our Pride Story
June 9, 2020
Greg – My Pride Story
June 16, 2020

Kimmy – My Pride Story

“To me, Pride is a celebration of self-love and acceptance. It’s not about asking society for special privileges. It’s about being seen and treated with dignity and respect like everyone else. Coming out of the closet was the scariest experience of my life but it was also my ultimate act of courage. True Pride is realized when a person embraces his/her/their true self and being happy with it. None of us were put in this world to meet someone else’s expectations. Personally, I would rather live than simply exist. When I gaze upon myself in a mirror, I don’t see someone else’s reflection except my own. There is power and strength in our individuality. Pride is not just limited during the month of June but it is a daily celebration for me. No matter what people say, I was born gay and I am proud by choice. Happy Pride Month!!!“ Kimmy from Columbia, MD #PersonalStories

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