Stan – My Pride Story
June 27, 2020
Charles – My Pride Story
May 24, 2022

Miguel, Enzo, Tybun, Carlos, Fernan, Luis & Zach – Our Pride Story

“To us, Pride is more than just a day or a month. It’s every minute that we lean on one another to push through life’s difficulties and celebrate one another’s successes. When we met seven years ago, we had no idea our diverse group of friends we would become our chosen family in the community. Years later, we continue to be there for one another as we move through life’s chapters. Much like our LGBTQ+ community as a whole, our group, or as we affectionately call ourselves, ‘The Gals,’ continue to fight for all that the world has to offer. In the last year, one of us moved to Korea, and our bonds became even stronger during the pandemic as we leaned on one another through FaceTime calls, chat, and any way we could possibly communicate. We continue to show that our differences are what make us unique and strong. For us, Pride is love.” Miguel, Enzo, Tybun, and Carlos of San Diego; Fernan of Ramona; Luis of Tijuana, Mexico; Zach of Asan, Korea #PersonalStories

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