Rob and Susan – Our Story

"Sometimes I can’t believe what we used to believe, about our children, about others, about life."  Rob and Susan hope that sharing their story will […]

Logan – My Story

“Gay Power is contagious. A lot of the people around me have felt emboldened to be their whole selves as well, because I am so unapologetically […]

Ethan – My Story

"To the people who don't fully connect with a label or don't think that they fit into a box, maybe they just need to create their […]

Marsha and Aiden – Our Story

"It would have been so helpful if I had had someone I could relate to that was like me." Aiden. "He's the one who motivated me […]

James – My Story

"I think that sometimes when things happen to us we feel like were the only one this could ever happen to. And to be able to […]

Savannah – My Story

"I think I would have had more experiences with people of different genders earlier if I had known that it was an option."  Savannah hopes that […]

Mark & Ian – Our Story

“People said, ‘How lucky you were that you were out so early.’ What they don’t realize is how crushingly lonely it was to be a queer […]

Barbara & Bill – Our Story

“I thought people would judge me. That’s how uneducated we were at the time. And then I realized my reaction was more about me than about […]

Garland – My Story (With Updates)

“I’ve always wanted to be rescued but instead became the rescuer.” Garland recently shared this updated video with us. Please watch and share, and consider making […]

Lucas – My Story

Lucas' Story “All you have to do to make a big difference is show up unashamed and unafraid.” Lucas hopes that sharing his story will help other […]

Karen – My Story

Karen's Story "Wayne told me in one of his more lucid moments that he thought I was the greatest mom on Earth."

Alex & Caroline – Our Story (With Updates)

"We spent three years working with lawyers and were finally able to come here. And so I decided to write our story about the process of […]

Brisco – My Story

Brisco's Story "My doctor called me and said 'You have AIDS." Brisco hopes that sharing his story will help other members of the LGBT community along […]

Curtis – My Story

Curtis' Story “If anyone was feeling the same way I was feeling they were keeping it to themselves. I thought that I was the only one.” […]

Eddie – My Story

Early Life & Bullying - Part 1 Early Life & Bullying - Part 2 Eddie hopes that sharing his story will help other members of the […]

Cheryl – My Story

“I really believed in my heart that I’d done something wrong. My beliefs were my truth, and until my truth changed my beliefs couldn’t change.” Cheryl […]

Peter – My Story

Peter's Story - Part 1 Peter's Story - Part 2 Peter's Story - Part 3 Peter's Story - Part 4 Peter hopes that sharing his story […]

Zachary – My Story

Zachary hopes that sharing his story will help LGBT youth. CLICK HERE to donate securely, a portion of which will go to The Trevor Project.

Michael – My Story

Michael hopes that sharing his story can help other homeless LGBT youth. A portion of your donation will go to GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight […]