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2nd Annual Spring Mixer & Garden Party


“Our personal stories are probably our most important tool. When you harness that and you share it, you share it wisely. You make sure that you share it with the people that need to hear it.”

LGBTQ people share poignant testimonies on Personal Stories Project


                                                                                     Photograph courtesy IMRU Radio

Profile of Charles Chan Massey on IMRU Radio

PRIDE OUT LOUD’s Steve Pride talks with Charles Chan Massey [CLICK HERE to listen…]


Photograph courtesy of Julia Scotti

Me give up the last seat on the last lifeboat? F that!

By Brody Levesque | WHITING, NEW JERSEY
The Grey-haired old lady made her way to centre stage as the crowd of over 2500 in Pasadena, California’s historic Civic Auditorium politely applauded expectantly. What happened in those next couple of minutes last March, would propel the former middle-school English Language Arts teacher into public consciousness and validate her life-long held dream of being a recognised stand-up comedienne on the national stage. [continue reading…]


Photograph courtesy of Jaimie Wilson

Killing Transphobia With His Song

By Brody Levesque | NEW YORK, NY
For twenty-one year old Jaimie Wilson, nothing beats the feeling of rambling along in his custom Jeep Wrangler 4X4, headed for a gig to perform his beloved country music in his adopted home state of Florida. Shirtless, tanned, fit, and blonde haired, he looks like most every other young man his age who is entering adulthood trying to figure out where his path will take him. [continue reading…]


Photo credit The Texas Observer

Texas’ Failure on Birth-Certificate Gender Changes Is an International Problem

Shared with permission from Meghan Stabler / Originally published in the Texas Observer
Thirteen years ago, Meghan Stabler was a senior executive at a large software company. It was a good job and to her colleagues she seemed successful, happy and outgoing. “But inside I was dying,” she says. “Typical trans story.” [continue reading…]


Photo credit Seattle Women’s Pride

Save the date! Saturday, June 17th!

Seattle Women’s Pride 2017 offers what no other event can: an experience to remember for a lifetime. [continue reading…]


Photo credit BuzzFeed News
When We Rise” is a miniseries about LGBT rights, created by Dustin Lance Black based on an autobiography by long-time gay rights activist Cleve Jones. [continue reading…]


Photo credit Lucas Bane, taken circa 1997

“Sadly, bullies often have a way of knowing we’re gay before we understand it ourselves.”

Bullying is real. And when you’re a kid who’s already different from your peers, even if you don’t know it yet, it can be even more devastating. Our follower Lucas Bane recently posted this on his personal Facebook page and gave us permission to share. [continue reading…]


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