Dylan – My Pride Story
June 5, 2020
Kerrie & Karen – Our Pride Story
June 9, 2020

Ryan – My Pride Story

“No matter how much you try to blend in, your race walks into every room before you do (this photo proves that). People who would have never genuinely considered race as a factor in employment, friendships or neighbors are now being asked to question the racial components of their sexual and dating preferences. Such discomfort, however, does not excuse the suffering of the numerous LGBTQ+ minorities, looking for the same emotional and physical connections, but are subjected to numerous forms of online racism. The social dating universe is much bigger than us and is shaped by the opinions, experiences, and reactions of everyone who participates. All men are created equal, but sadly not all are valued equally, especially in this country. We are at a political crossroad where we can’t afford to burn bridges with each other because of our unexamined racism guised as ‘racial preferences’. It’s true we can’t change our skin color, but we can change the content of our character (and still love each other platonically). Sexual racism is still racism, even if packaged as a sexual/cultural preference. It’s segregation of people based on one particular trait. We can all like particular things, but things can be racist, like lawn jockeys. As this movement marches on during Pride remember – racism is our cancer. And cancer goes where cancer grows. It’s time we cut it out. If you need me, I’ll be protesting my heart out this weekend. Stay safe, wear a mask, and f*cancer.” ✂️ Ryan from San Francisco #PersonalStories

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