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February 1, 2017
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March 14, 2017

I am Scott. This is my story.

“On my way back to Dallas I was pulled over…first time I’ve been pulled over in four years, I might add.

The officer walked up to the car and I had my license and insurance ready to give him. He thanked me for being so prompt and proceeded to ask me if I knew why he had pulled me over. I replied with an honest no because I had my cruise control set, ten & two, the whole ‘Safety Steve’ bit…

It turns out that he’d pulled me over because my headlight was out which I was aware of; I’d simply forgotten. I apologized and said that it had been out for about a week and I simply hadn’t had time to have it changed, further explaining that half of the front end had to come out and it wasn’t a simple fix.

He took everything back to his patrol car and of course, no nitty gritty was found on me. He did, however, have one question for me…

‘Sir, are you aware that they’ve made a mistake on your license?’ I replied ‘No sir,’ and with that, he turned it towards me and points out the ‘F’ on it. ‘Officer Daniels, no mistake was made by the DMV. The only mistake that has been made is that I haven’t made it a priority to change it.’

Confused and baffled he looks at me. I elaborated on my situation (I am a transgender man) and explained to him that I was driving back from my doctor’s appointment, specifically for that, in Oklahoma City.

He calmly handed my things back and stunned me with these words.

‘I was just thinking today, Mr. Colgrove, that I had a lot of courage to do what I do for a living, especially this day in age where people aren’t very fond of us police officers. I must tip my hat to you, sir. I have the ability to take this uniform off and you have to metaphorically wear yours 24/7 365. You have courage, Mr. Colgrove, a much greater amount than I’ll ever have. Have a good night and please be safe.’

Officer Daniels, you’re the real hero, sir.”

We agree.  Thank you for sharing, Scott! Have a great weekend, everyone! #PersonalStories


Originally published on Friday, February 3rd, 2017