Shemarre – My Pride Story

Pablo – My Pride Story
June 13, 2023
Victoria – My Pride Story
June 27, 2023

Shemarre – My Pride Story

“Life has really shown me to appreciate and live in the moment because in the blink of an eye it really can change. I’m learning to love those that love me…there’s no need to chase meaningless s*** anymore.”  These were the last words my close friend Julian said before his passing.

I’m just now learning to be authentic, unapologetic, and resilient in everything I do. To me, Pride means being the man I want to be with a little bit of the man my family taught me to be. I have been protected, neglected, directed, and corrected so many times in this life that I humbly give my all when it’s time for me to pay my tithes.

Pride is love and baby, love is me.

– Shemarre, San Diego

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