Karen – My Story

Karen's Story "Wayne told me in one of his more lucid moments that he thought I was the greatest mom on Earth."

Updated! Alex & Caroline – Our Story

"We spent three years working with lawyers and were finally able to come here. And so I decided to write our story about the process of […]

Brisco – My Story

Brisco's Story "My doctor called me and said 'You have AIDS." Brisco hopes that sharing his story will help other members of the LGBT community along […]

Curtis – My Story

Curtis' Story “If anyone was feeling the same way I was feeling they were keeping it to themselves. I thought that I was the only one.” […]

Ricardo – My Story

Everyone has a personal story. My name is Ricardo and I have decided that’s it’s time to share mine. This all happened in my late 20’s. […]

Garrett – My Story

My name is Garrett Piersa. This is my story. My story is not unique, sad as that may be. My story is the story of many […]

Eddie – My Story

Early Life & Bullying - Part 1 Early Life & Bullying - Part 2 Eddie hopes that sharing his story will help other members of the […]

Justin – My Story

My name is Justin Kamimoto. I am a 24-year-old Asian American living in rural Fresno, California. This is my story. Born and raised in the Bay […]

Justin – My Story

My name is Justin. This is my story. The world is filled with people from various backgrounds and cultures. We are all raised differently and have […]

Roddy – My Story

My name is Roddy. This is my story. From a very young age, when I was around six years old or so, I knew there was […]

Cori – My Story

My name is Cori Bratby-Rudd. This is my story. I was two when I found out my moms were gay. Well, at least that there was […]

Cheryl – My Story

“I really believed in my heart that I’d done something wrong. My beliefs were my truth, and until my truth changed my beliefs couldn’t change.” Cheryl […]

Gabriel – My Story

My name is Gabriel. This is my story. Two years ago today, I came out to my family, my second family: Adrian's family, and closest friends. […]

Tre’shaun – My Story

My name is Tre'shaun. This is my story. I met Ivan back when I was a teenager in high school. He was handsome, creative, charming, and […]

Meghan Stabler – My Story

Shared with permission from Meghan Stabler Originally published in the Texas Observer  Thirteen years ago, Meghan Stabler was a senior executive at a large software company. […]

Justin – My Story

My name is Justin. This is my story. I first knew I was gay in middle school. I had a crush on one of my best […]

Garland – My Story

Garland's Story - Part 1 Garland's Story - Part 2 Garland's Story - Part 3 Garland hopes that sharing her story will help other members of […]

Lucas – My Story

Photo credit Lucas Bane, taken circa 1997 "Sadly, bullies often have a way of knowing we're gay before we understand it ourselves." Bullying is real. And […]

Scott – My Story

I am Scott. This is my story. “On my way back to Dallas I was pulled over...first time I've been pulled over in four years, I […]

Jane – My Story

Editors note: This post departs slightly from our mission of sharing stories directly related to the LGBT community; however, Jane is a huge ally and great […]

Peter – My Story

Peter's Story - Part 1 Peter's Story - Part 2 Peter's Story - Part 3 Peter's Story - Part 4 Peter hopes that sharing his story […]

Tim Trantham – My Story

I am the single parent of DW Trantham, a 14-year-old male to female transgender activist. First off, I will tell you that DW was born a […]

Tamara – My Story

My name is Tamara. This is my story. On Feb 23, 2014 my fiancé Rosie and I were on our way out to go shopping. We […]

Matt – My Story

My name is Matt. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is my story. I began to realize I was gay when I was 14 years […]

Jonah – My Story

My name is Jonah Saribay. I’m 19 and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is my story. In the tropical paradise that is Hawaii, where tourists […]

Zachary – My Story

Zachary hopes that sharing his story will help LGBT youth. CLICK HERE to donate securely, a portion of which will go to The Trevor Project.

Geoffrey – My Story

Originally posted by Geoffrey on “Keep passing the open windows” is the phrase that comes from the John Irving novel The Hotel New Hampshire, published […]

Morgan – My Story

My name is Morgan. This is my story. In May 2013 I was a senior at Sundown High School in Texas. We were taking pictures for […]

Ernst Ooi Chen Wei – My Story

My name is Ernst. This is my story. I had heard about the power stories can bring but I didn't really think much about it until […]

Michael Garcia – My Story

Michael hopes that sharing his story can help other homeless LGBT youth. A portion of your donation will go to GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight […]

Sara Stevenson Christie – My Story

My name is Sara Stevenson Christie. I am a mom of four, a professional actress and, most recently, an LGBT rights activist. This is my story. […]

Charles Chan Massey – My Story

My name is Charles. I call myself an "accidental activist." This my story. I’m a strong believer in the power of the personal story. Stories can […]