“I discovered what suppression was in November 2008. Proposition 8 was on the ballot and became visible through ‘Yes on 8’ signs in front of businesses, churches, and along sidewalks and lawns of neighborhoods, including the one that I lived in during my teen years.”

My name is Justin. Here is my story.

 “My story is not unique, sad as that may be. My story is the story of many gay youth across the historical ‘South,’ and much of my life has been controlled by the ignorance, fear and hatred of other people.

My name is Garrett. Here is my story.

 “Throughout my early childhood I kind of felt different. I couldn’t put my finger on what was going on, but I really didn’t realize I was gay until very late, once I knew what ‘gay’ was. I basically had to lead a double life.” 

My name is Eddie. Here is my story.




“The world is filled with people from various backgrounds and cultures. We are all raised differently and have different views on life. My parents raised me to love everyone. To tend to the poor, the needy, the bullied, and most importantly, those who cannot defend themselves.”

My name is Justin. Here is my story.

“From a very young age, around six years old or so, I knew there was something unique about me. I just didn’t know what. While other boys were into cars, trucks, play fighting and all things dirt I preferred Barbie, music, and the theatre.” 

My name is Roddy. Here is my story.


“Growing up wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the best. I was not a typical child. I always hung out with girls on the playground. I knew I was gay at a very young age.  I knew exactly what I was feeling.”

My name is Zachary. Here is my story.


“I was two when I found out my moms were gay. Well, at least that there was a word for a family like mine. I remember sitting in daycare, telling a basic story about Momma Tami and Momma Debbie when another child began laughing and said, ‘That’s silly! You can’t have two moms.’”

My name is Cori. Here is my story.


  “No one in my family knew I was gay so there were no efforts to ‘cure’ me of my gayness or threaten to disown me…I am alive, enjoying life with Mika by my side. And feeling a little survivor’s guilt.”

My name is Geoffrey. Here is my story.


“I met Ivan back when I was a teenager in high school. He was handsome, creative, charming, and very intelligent. From day one Ivan and I became the best of friends with a natural affinity for each other.” 

My name is Tre’shaun. Here is my story.

“I’ve always known that I am an ally but I never felt that I had proven myself to be one until the day I stood up to my principal and, by extension, to my whole town. That day everything changed for me and I knew that my story was one that had to be told.”

My name is Morgan. Here is my story.


“I realized I was trans, or that there was a disconnect within myself, when I was really young, I can say, as far back as kindergarten, I realized that there was something different about me.” 

My name is Garland. Here is my story.


“I was born in 1990 in Kedah, Malaysia. Malaysia is an Islamic country and homosexuality is illegal. As early as 7 years old I realized that I seemed to be more attracted to guys, always wanting to be closer with them than to girls.”

My name is Ernst. Here is my story.


“Being a model was very helpful for me during the late 50’s because I saw a society that didn’t judge you and I was part of that group and that was very liberating in itself. ” 

My name is Peter. Here is my story.


“I was 14 when my parents found out I was gay. My whole family hated gay people. Just the thought of being gay was so wrong to them. I went my whole high school years without any family or any family support” 

My name is Michael. Here is my story.


“If a man like me can go from burning Barbies to buying bras then certainly a group of highly educated, publicly elected officials should also be able to make a change.”

My name is Tim. Here is my story.


  “I was raised in a liberal, Congregational church, by relatively liberal parents. As a child, if I unwittingly made a racist or sexist comment, I was quickly rebuked and reminded that all people have value. As a teen in the acting world I had many friends that were gay and because of the way I was raised, I didn’t think to judge them based on anything but their character.”

My name is Sara. Here is my story.


“On Feb 23, 2014, my fiancé Rosie and I were on our way out to go shopping. We never made it. Around 2:35 pm, a 77-year-old man had a heart attack while driving and crossed into our lane hitting us head-on. Rosie was killed instantly.”

My name is Tamara. Here is my story.


  “I was born in 1964 in Charlotte, North Carolina and went to a private school in nearby Gaston County. From the time I was old enough to remember I knew there was something different about me, but I wasn’t sure what. I’d heard that there were gay people but didn’t think I knew any personally.”

My name is Charles. Here is my story.


“In 2006, after being in a long-distance relationship with Caroline for 2 years, we decided we wanted to be together permanently in one country. Because of DOMA, Caroline couldn’t move to the United States, so I was faced with the difficult decision of leaving everything in San Francisco behind and moving to The Netherlands to be with her.” 

My name is Alex. Here is my story.


“I really believed in my heart that I’d done something wrong. My beliefs were my truth, and until my truth changed my beliefs couldn’t change.” 

My name is Cheryl.  Here is my story.


“Something about me did not feel the same when I compared myself to other boys. I never displayed the same mannerisms, or enjoyed the jokes and aggressive play of my male counterparts. Even so young, and so naïve, I concluded that there might be something different about me. “

My name is Jonah. Here is my story.


“My advice is to never be afraid of yourself. Be who you are. Remember that you are not alone and that there are always resources out there. Remember that suicide is never the answer. And always remember that it will get better.” 

My name is Justin. Here is my story.


“I began to realize I was gay when I was 14 years old. Throughout middle school and high school I only hung out with other boys. At first I said to myself, ‘maybe I am not gay. I do what the other boys enjoy: playing sports and video games.’ Then, as time went on, I realized that I was attracted to the boys I hung out with, but I kept these feelings to myself.”

My name is Matt. Here is my story.



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